Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Scrub Ridge Trail, MINWR, August 28, 2016

We were last here on July 10, 2016. The Florida endemic Florida Indian plantain was not yet in bloom, evident only as distinctive basal leaves. I was hoping to find it in bloom on this visit.

Beach false foxglove (Agalinus fasciculata, Orobanchaceae)

 Florida Indian plantain (Arnoglossum floridanum, Asteraceae)
Florida endemic

On our last visit, July 10 this year, I found a half-dozen plants along the trail. None was blooming and none had even put up a stalk, yet. I was hoping to find some of them in bloom on this visit; however, the trail had recently been mowed and widened, which wiped out any plantains along the trail. After a bit of searching I found one whole plant on a side trail, but it had already bloomed and turned to seed. Too late for the blooming. Maybe I can catch it just right next year. Early August should do it.

Tallow wood, hog plum (Ximenia americana, Ximeniaceae)

Piedmont blacksenna (Seymeria pectinata, Orobanchaceae)

There are only two species of Seymeria in Florida: S. pectinata and S. cassioides. The flowers of S. pectinata are hairy, while S. cassioides flowers are smooth.

Whitetassels (Dalea carnea, Fabaceae)

In the upper right photo, a green lynx spider is perched on old flower heads of Dalea carnea.

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